Scott Criswell - Principal, Design Craftsman

Software Design, User Interface, and User Experience Leadership

Human-centered design among many things strengthens brand loyalty, and tells the story of how businesses relate to and care for their customers.

With more than 20 years in the design field, I'm leveraging that experience to build and nurture teams that will create products that delight and empower customers to achieve their goals. I hope to share what I've learned as a design craftsman in the areas of software, user interface, and user experience design to help build the next generation of applications while mentoring and growing a team of talented designers into leaders in the design space.

To create genuinely great experiences, you must collaborate across organizational boundaries to enable the delivery of high-impact software solutions for businesses and the customers they serve. I've had the pleasure of engaging with team members in design, development, customer service, and business leadership to enhance their understanding of how to design for their customers and to effectively deliver on business goals. In today's increasingly competitive markets entire product teams must have a customer-focused, human-centered mentality for their products to rise to the top. Mentoring and coaching teams to better understand their customer's unique needs, improve their design workflows, and to empower those around them to participate in the design process is one of the biggest passions in my work today.


Scott is one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and visionary design leaders you'll meet. He's a great communicator, prized by the senior leadership he works with, while also being respected by all those around him. He actively mentors younger talent while continuing to hone his own craft and make his own innovations. Scott passionately works across disciplines to bridge the gap between product, design and engineering, often instituting game-changing processes, tools and methods that multiply the effect of the entire team and create measurable improvements for the business. If you are looking for a solid design leader or for someone to take your design team to the next level, Scott is it.
Rob Eisenberg - Principal Software Engineer at InVision, Founder and Lead Architect of Aurelia JS
Scott is an extremely talented designer. He has a deep understanding of user interaction on mobile and desktop. He creates beautiful work, that is approachable and intuitive. I absolutely enjoyed working with Scott.
David Trotz - Director of Software Craftsmen at Olive Tree Bible Software
Scott is an awesome UI and UX designer for all platforms. He created user experiences on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows that our users love. He filled in those experiences with phenomenal graphics to make the UI look beautiful. It was a pleasure working with Scott. He was always challenging himself to think of simpler, more elegant, and better ways to design an app. I would highly recommend Scott for UX and UI design.
Stephen Johnson - Indie Entrepreneur, Founder Glacier Peak Studios (Former CTO, CEO Olive Tree Bible Software)
Scott's attention to the bigger picture of User Experience (UX) is what sets him apart. There are a lot of great designers out there, but it takes more than artistic skill to make a UI successful in the real world. To that end, I highly recommend Scott's work and considered it a privilege to work alongside him on the iOS Working Group at OakTree. He worked well with our team and was able to accommodate our requests and ideas without compromising his standards.
Rick Bennett - Project Manager, Content Development at OakTree Software, Inc.